PolCoRe (Political Communication Research Group) is affiliated at the Institute of Sociological Studies FSV UK, between 2013-15 it belonged under the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism, Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague in 2013. Within its thematic framework it focuses primarily on the transformation of political communication, exploring particularly the role of the new media and their potential for political and civic participation. This research agenda responds to the growing need for a systematic academic reflection on the influence of digital technologies and social networks on the rapidly changing nature of interactions between the public, political representation and democratic institutions, as well as on the forms of engagement of the public in the political process within the democratic society. In addition to this, the group also conducts research on the changing organizational aspects of news media production and journalism as a profession under the impact of the new media. These general research goals are being met by means of particular research projects carried out by the members of the PolCoRe group, as well as in cooperation with international partners and research networks (such as COST). At the moment, the group consists of five core researchers accompanied by several Ph.D. students participating in research projects.