Jaroslav Švelch

Jaroslav ŠvelchDr. Jaroslav Švelch is a researcher and lecturer at the Charles University’s Faculty of Social Sciences. He has a bachelor degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. in Media Studies from Charles University Faculty of Social Sciences, and a Master’s degree in the Linguistics and Phonetics/Translation and Interpretation: English double major from the Charles University Faculty of Arts. In 2007–2008, he was a visiting researcher at MIT’s Comparative Media Studies department; in 2012, he was a Ph.D. intern at Microsoft Research New England. His research interests include social use of digital media, history of computer games, and language management in online environments. In the PolCoRe working group, he focuses mainly on qualitative analyses of political participation through humor and remixing.

Recent publications:

Švelch, J. (2015). Excuse my poor English: language management in English-language online discussion forums. International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 2015(232). http://doi.org/10.1515/ijsl-2014-0046

Švelch, J., & Vochocová, L. (2015). Social Media As a New Challenge for Political Participation Research. Czech Sociological Review, 51(1), 65. http://doi.org/10.13060/00380288.2015.51.1.154

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