New Media and Political Participation Workshop December 2013


10-11 December 2013 Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism Faculty of Social sciences, Charles University in Prague

The purpose of this workshop was to exchange views on the concept of political participation in the Web 2.0 environment, particularly vis-à-vis the social networking sites, and share opinions on the various methodological challenges related to empirical research in this still emerging territory. The workshop brought together a group of international and local scholars as well as Ph.D. students who had the opportunity to debate conceptual frameworks, research strategies and “best practices”, data collection techniques as well as ethical issues surrounding the contemporary academic explorations of online participation.

You can listen to the whole workshop roundtable discussion below:

Panel speakers:

Nico Carpentier (Free University of Brussels and Charles University in Prague)

Darren Lilleker (Bournemouth University)

Dan Jackson (Bournemouth University)

Pawel Surowiec (Bournemouth University)

John Downey (Loughborough University)

Todd Graham (University of Groningen)